Where Responsible Raw Materials came from and who runs it

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Responsible Raw Materials are a separate entity, focused solely on making the extraction, production and consumption of raw materials truly responsible. To do this, our challenge is to engage with people from every background, across every country, in order to understand as many impacts from as many perspectives as possible. We believe in open communication, through accessible and diverse forms of communication.

Run primarily by Sarah and Rose, many other people have been kind enough to get involved along the way:



Dr Sarah Gordon completed her undergraduate in Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow and PhD in the chemistry of meteorites at Imperial College London.  She went to work for Anglo American, being lucky enough to live and work in Canada, Brazil, southern Africa and Europe in roles including: Exploration geology, Sustainability, Safety and Risk & Assurance.  It was during this time she became passionate about ensuring that we manage our raw materials in the most responsible way possible.  In 2014 Sarah co-founded Satarla, the boutique risk management company that specialises in sustainable, enterprise-wide risk management. For the past four years, Sarah has also been a trustee of The Geological Society of London, Geology for Global Development, an honorary visiting lecturer at Imperial College London & research associate at the University of Johannesburg.  Voted as one of the most inspirational women in mining in 2016, Sarah has also organised a range of different conferences and workshops focusing on responsible management of raw materials, utilising her skills and understanding as a geologist for broader society. 



Rose is a NERC-funded postgraduate research student based at the University of Leicester, working with the British Geological Survey and Lion One Metals. Her PhD project investigates exploration and genesis of gold deposits enriched in the critical metal tellurium (used in photo-voltaic cells), with a focus on Tuvatu, Fiji. She has an interest in sustainability and responsibility within geosciences and, more specifically, mining, and has undertaken a number of outreach and education projects based on this theme. More recently her research with Satarla has been looking into the concept of ‘responsible reserves’ and how this may be implemented.