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The UNESCO geoscience futures project is part of Unesco’s International Geoscience Programme. This website is intended to act as a showcase for creative thinking about the future of geoscience

Volcanic Water

The Geologist's Association runs 'geology from your sofa', as well as providing a list of courses, lectures, webinars, and 'geofun'. 


The briefcase game of mineral applications is an education tool on raw materials, supported by EIT raw materials. There are different 'cases' for different ages and the game is supported in multiple languages. 

Land Mining

The Geological Society has a series of presentations and activity sheets for teachers, STEM Ambassadors, and anyone else interested in geology to use in the classroom, in science clubs or at home.


BetterGeoEdu is a site with educational materials and installation guides to enable teaching about raw materials with Minecraft. The material is free of charge, but requires you to have the original version of Minecraft installed.

Recycling in the Classroom

The global schools programme aims to empower schools and teachers globally to educate students on the Sustainable Development Goals. Through research and advocacy, Global Schools develops the tools, resources and programs to support education systems around the world in shaping a more resilient and sustainable world. 

Playing Cards

Card games to compare rare earth deposits and learn about uses of elements are available on the Geobus website, produced from the SoS RARE project 

Computer Repair

E-Mining@School (E-M@S) project raises awareness among EU citizens and secondary school students from five European countries (Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden) on the reuse and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), environmental impact and economic challenge of present lifestyle. The idea is to educate 11 to 18 years students at school through open pedagogy, including frontal lessons, hand-on experiments, visits to industrial facilities and labs, and strengthen their scientific and entrepreneurial aspects.

Image by Sergei Akulich

'Earth learning idea' is a site with many innovative earth science related teaching ideas, with links to materials, ideas and videos on a wide range of topics. 

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