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Bob Seitz and Jan Cilliers - Risk and the Talent Gap

Updated: May 31, 2020

The mining industry is suffering an engineering skills gap. While Universities educate engineers to understand their role, it is up to operators to train them to perform it. This training used to be done in-house, either as a formal program or by learning from more experienced mentors. Many of these learning opportunities have been lost, and many operations are being run by engineers with inadequate experience . This operational risk is significant, and must be recognised, quantified and addressed.

We propose that the skills gap can be closed by combining high quality, on-line training supported by in-job exercises and projects. The program structure, content and practical tasks must be designed with employers, to ensure immediate relevance. Operators are required to supervise the trainees, with support from an international network of experienced mentors.

This is The Metcelerate Method, the basis of Metcelerate, an 18-month training programme for mineral processing engineers.

We will discuss the talent gap, its risk to a mining organisation and the value of closing it.

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2020 0513 Seitz, R, risk, professional f
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Robert Seitz Ph.D is Chief Technical Officer of Metcelerate. He has had a 40-year career developing, designing and optimizing mineral processing plants. He has also had nearly as many years supporting professional development via training, use of competency models, mentoring and managing corporate and site-based education programs.

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