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Insiya Salam - The Future is Stakeholder Engagement

Updated: May 31, 2020

This talk will examine emerging factors driving the need for change in stakeholder engagement processes. These factors are being fuelled by a growing stakeholder audience who have increasing expectations.

Stakeholder engagement needs to look at the wider objectives of equality, sustainability and shared value. It should go beyond simply fulfilling legal requirements to allow for more collaborative and inclusive engagements that empower stakeholders and inform corporate strategy. This can enable a company to respond to the changing business climate, address its ethical responsibilities and accrue long-term benefits. 


Insiya (MSc, BA – Consultant, Social) has been working in the mining sector for over a year with a wealth of previous experience working on international development and humanitarian relief programmes in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. She has coordinated and monitored large projects, ensuring international standards and frameworks are met in terms of effectiveness of interventions and accountability towards affected populations. Insiya is currently assisting clients with their stakeholder engagement, resettlement planning and supporting due diligence and ESG risk reviews of mines in Africa and Europe.

SRK Consulting, 5th Floor, Churchill House,17 Churchill Way, CF10 2HH (; 07841671839)

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