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Norman Gridley - Redesign of mining plans to create available volumes for permanent disposal of...

Updated: May 31, 2020

Redesign of mining plans to create available volumes for permanent disposal of large quantities of mineral processing tailings in mined out areas

The presentation suggests that Mining Plans be designed and/or redesigned to consider and incorporate the permanent disposal of mineral processing tailings. Such redesigns would require changes to the traditional approach to mining plan design, in which, today, plans consider only the recoverable mineral in the mine as the sole economic benefit of mining. In the redesigned approach, the subject of this presentation, the additional benefits associated with permanent disposal of mineral processing tailings (for the life of mine, or for a portion of the life of mine) would be incorporated as economic benefits in the mining plan tecno-economic analysis. Such benefits would arise from reduction or elimination of the need for traditional tailings basins, as well as reduction or elimination of long term liabilities associated with closed traditional tailings basins.

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Norman is a civil (environmental) engineer by training,US and Canadian citizen, based in Santiago Chile.Norman's career spans over 34 years, the first 20 of which were as an environmental engineering consultant working for various companies in the US and Canada. Over the last 14 years Norman has been employed directly by the mining industry, with experience through the full mining project cycle: conceptual design,environmental assessment and permitting approvals, community consultation, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies,detail design,construction, operation and closure. Norman was most recently employed by Anglo American as a Sustainability Manager for the Quellaveco Project in southern Peru. He now works as a Satarla Associate.

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