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Neil Cantle - Modelling of environmental considerations to properly support decision making

Updated: May 31

Trying to make formal assessments of many important factors in the climate and environment space is highly challenging because they involve many interacting parts and so much of it comes down to people’s perceptions and how they act upon them. This session introduces some of the ways that these highly complex topics can be modelled robustly to support decision-making and aid understanding.


Neil is a principal of Milliman and one of the leaders of the London office. He is an actuary and focusses on risk management consulting, particularly helping people make sense of complex risks. Prior to joining Milliman, Neil sat on the Board of a large European insurer with executive responsibilities covering areas including risk, strategy, finance, marketing and product development.

Milliman, 11 Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DU; email: neil.cantle@milliman.com

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