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Jamie Strauss – Digbee ESG

Updated: May 17, 2021

Digbee ESG is an ESG disclosure platform for the mining industry. A future-looking, right-sized set of frameworks, aligned to the key global standards and accepted by leading stakeholders. It hugely simplifies ESG disclosure for mining corporates and rewards management with the action they take on the ground and in the boardroom.

This presentation provides an overview of the ESG movement, outlining Digbee ESG as the solution for the mining industry. The discussion will begin by framing Digbee ESG with the story of its inception, followed by a walkthrough of the disclosure tool to outline its impacts. In doing so, the presentation will highlight the ways in which Digbee will help provide a conduit for the success of the ESG movement and ultimately the mining sector’s contribution to the world’s transition to a sustainable future. By covering these key topics, this presentation aims to help educate, inform, and help improve the perception of the mining sector.



Over 25 years building and leading three mining finance teams at boutique and global banks as well as a seasoned independent director of listed mining companies. This extensive experience has inspired Jamie to discover software solutions, through the launch of Digbee, to improve the outcome and perception of mining projects through access to right-sized ESG disclosure and cost-effective, plain language and objective technical analysis. A passionate supporter of the mining industry to bring solutions to the world's transition to a sustainable future, through best practice management in both the Boardroom and on the ground. This aligns with a parallel desire to change the hearts and minds of society to value the benefits of the industry.


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