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FAMMP Training Course: Practical application of ESG guidelines in technical reporting (PERC)

On 23rd November 2021, Responsible Raw Materials' co-founder Dr Sarah Gordon presented a training course through FAMMP, entitled:

Practical application of ESG guidelines in technical reporting (PERC), with a focus on the Nordic Region


Environment, Social and Governance (also known as “sustainability”, “licence to operate”, and occasionally “corporate social responsibility) is rapidly increasing in importance regarding the finding, extraction, processing and selling of raw materials. Customers, investors, regulators, operators, service providers, academics, potential employees, as well as all others in society are beginning to pay more attention to the manner in which raw materials are extracted from the ground.

The understanding and reporting of ESG aspects with regards to mineralogical resources and reserves has long been important to the CRIRSCO family, however work is underway to ensure that ESG is included in a material way. The PERC Reporting Standard was updated in 2021, with the update including significant changes regarding ESG.

Here we explore how PERC has been updated to include ESG in a meaningful manner, and what this means to those of us working in the Nordic Region.

The aim of this session is to:

  • Explore what has changed (and continues to change) regarding mineral resource reserve reporting​

  • Analyse the global updates expected and what this means from a practical standpoint for the mining industry and ESG as a whole​with a particular focus on the 2021 update to PERC (Pan-European Resource and Reserves Reporting Committee) ​

  • Examine the case study for the Nordic Region

  • Evaluate the economics of addressing ESG factors under PERC/CRIRSCO codes? ​

  • Consider the role of competent persons and/or teams – who / what / how?

The training material slides are available here:

Download PDF • 9.86MB


Any questions, email:

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