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Chris O'Brien - Carbon after COVID; adding value in a competitive re-boot

Updated: May 31, 2020

Pre-COVID-19 many mainstream media outlets were preparing themselves for the fallout from the Australian wildfires, the seemingly inevitable paradigm shift towards climate action. The virus has only postponed it, the world is still warming. When we re-boot the global operating system, will we go back to the way it was before or will the world value our now cleaner air, clearer waters and resurgent wildlife more? When spending does restart it is not unlikely it will flow more quickly to transparent minerals businesses first, particularly those performing well in two areas, social licence to operate, and climate change. 

This talk will look at the new value of transparency in greenhouse gases for the minerals sector and the opportunities and pitfalls in monitoring and reporting.  It will also consider the trend towards financial carrot and stick systems driving change through the bottom line. Methodologies used to calculate greenhouse gases will be briefly compared (requirements, transparency and verification) and suggestion will be made on how to prepare now for a cash careful post-COVID world.

Fig 1. Climate change continues through the coronavirus crisis


Chris is a Senior Consultant and Chartered Environmentalist with over 10 years’ experience in sustainability. He has eight years’ experience in environmental management in UK steel making working in waste and effluent management, atmospheric emissions sampling and reporting, and carbon accounting. He has over two years’ experience as a UK Government Regulator of environmental permitting and carbon accounting and trading and schemes including the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. Having previously managed carbon and energy reporting for a major UK steelmaker under multiple reporting frameworks over several years, Chris has worked in environmental permitting and carbon regulation from both sides of the fence. Since joining SRK Chris has contributed to due diligence studies, loan reviews, impact assessments, resource statements and has conducted greenhouse gas inventories for operators both in Europe and Africa.

SRK Consulting UK Ltd, 5th Floor, Churchill House, Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2HH


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