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2020 Annual Conference:

11 -15th May, 2020

How to use the conference material

Blogs written summarising each session are here:

  • Day 1 (Monday 11th) afternoon blog

  • Day 2 (Tuesday 12th) morning blog

  • Day 2 (Tuesday 12th) afternoon blog

  • Day 3 (Wednesday 13th) morning blog

  • Day 3 (Wednesday 13th) afternoon blog

  • Day 4 (Thursday 14th) morning blog

  • Day 5 (Friday 15th) morning blog

  • Overall blog


You can access all conference material including abstracts and talks here, and search by specific topics including Africa, OECD, Tailings/Water, Tellurium, etc.

We have also made a 'easier-to-digest' matrix of topics below that allows you to sort by broader topics, date of talk and presenter name. Click on the name to link to the presentation.

Click here for a list of commonly used abbreviations

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